What We Do

//hWd | Heartland Web Development is a web application development firm in Omaha, Nebraska in the heart of the "Silicon Prairie". We specialize in custom ColdFusion development solutions built around understanding your needs and designing processes that are developed into applications which provide measurable results.

Who We Are

  • Brian Harvey

    Owner/ Developer
  Programming is really just a means to an end. I don't wake up every day and say to myself "let's write some beautiful code". I do what I do because I enjoy the process of application development from discovery to launch. It is a powerful feeling looking back on an successful project knowing that something useful was created where nothing existed before.  

I started my professional life working as a photographer and studio director for a large retail advertising company. As a managing director I quickly learned how important examining and improving workflows and processes are to achieving continuing success. As a result, application development became a natural extension of my process improvement efforts.

Like many photographers I have a strong DYI drive so with my nose in a ColdFusion book I wrote my first application and dubbed it the "Photography Information System." The application was a time clock of sorts that helped me identify how long it took photographers to photograph different types of subject matter common in our retail production environment.

This simple application quickly had many benefits. By allowing me to see real time statistics I was better able to evaluate performance and to set pricing. The information also allowed me to see which photographers were more efficient at photgraphing the different types of subject matter. This was helpful in scheduling and assigning work, and in identifying where additional training might be needed.

From that point I was hooked, and turned to web application development to improve and automate many other processes within my department and others within the company. In 2000 I formalized my commitment to my career path, and graduated with a Masters Of Science Degree in Electronic Commerce from Creighton University. In 2003 I left the corporate environment and started StudioCart, a hosted sales solution for photographers. I have also been working as a freelance developer on a wide variety of applications and created Heartland Web Develoment as medium to display my work.